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Dragon Espresso mild chilli enhanced real coffee syrup

250 mL sample bottle, ideal for gift packs or try before you buy.

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95% Australian Made cropped
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Dragon Espresso has been formulated as a “Mild Chilli Spice” coffee flavoured syrup like no other. The combination is unique, with espresso coffee, a touch of caramel, together with a flavour-packed natural mild chilli spice.

Mix it with milk to create an iced coffee experience that provides a mild hint of spice and coffee, with a touch of sweetness to complete the rounded complementary flavours.  First, you experience the coldness of the milk, then full coffee flavour, with a touch of syrupy sweetness which is sticky and moreish.  And THEN…. after about 3 seconds your mouth will be delighted with a subtle heat sensation, that beckons you to have another sip to cool the spice, for whatever beverage you have added this bold espresso syrup.

And that will be the start of a craving, where you just can’t get enough of a great thing!

Dragon Espresso is fantastic as a pour-over syrup on desserts like fried ice cream, cakes, doughnuts, in cocktails or anything you need a coffee flavour to enhance your cooking.

For all orders over $50.00 we provide free shipping, Australia wide.

Weight350 g
Dimensions4.5 × 4.5 × 18 cm


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