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Creative Innovation

Developing Dragon Syrup has been a journey of discovery, creating new and exciting tastes.  All the flavours in the range will complement any coffee or create stand-alone magnificent iced beverages.   

Our inspiration for creating these new syrups came from a desire to offer premium syrups with reduced sugar. We were inspired to create new and different flavours that excite and delight, unlike any other syrup available.  Combining chilli spice transforms the bland into extraordinary by enhancing existing magical flavours and just making them better. Following extensive research and a great deal of creative experimentation, we have created a new range of flavours for your drinking pleasure.

Dragon Espresso, Dragons Breath & Dragon Wild Ride are coffee-based syrups.  Dragon Heart & Dragon Live Wire are decadently good chocolate syrups. There is nothing that can prepare you for a drink that is cold, with a subtle tickle of spice that is hard to identify. Complementing the five unique flavours, we have added other popular syrups, Caramel, Vanilla and Chai Tea to provide any coffee house, bar or restaurant a stunning gourmet syrup range.  Offered in two premium quality bottle sizes, the labels provide a striking display on any shelf.

Welcome to Dragon Syrup, the world’s first syrup range infused with a hint of chilli spice.


A Taste Sensation

Dragon Syrup creator Doug, has developed the world’s first unique range of Chilli infused syrups.  When he could not locate an enjoyable iced coffee syrup, he decided to make his own. Inspired from a love and enjoyment of savouring different creative flavours, he questioned: “what if”?  The resultant journey of discovery, uncovered the flavour enhancing properties of chilli spice. 

Each syrup can be used to create a multitude of stunning beverages and can be used to complement desserts or savoury foods.  The secret is in the chilli, it just makes each syrup taste better.  Dragon Espresso, Dragons Breath and Dragon Wild Ride for example are strikingly different coffee flavoured syrups. They deliver subtly different spice intensities, to suit personal taste preference, in either mild or medium spice.  Each will deliver a completely unique and intoxicating flavour experience.

The two chocolate flavours Dragon Heart and Dragon Live Wire are a whole new taste experience.  Each boasts the inclusion of special Australian bush tucker essences.  Our manufacturing and bottling factory is based in sunny Brisbane.  To protect our recipe and trade secret recipes, we collaborate and manufacture various parts of each syrup in different locations. Together with our partner companies, we can offer a comprehensive selection of coffee, chocolate, caramel, vanilla and chai tea syrups.


Our Mission

Our mission, ignite coffee drinking pleasure, by providing inspiring, unique and premium syrups to consumers globally.

Our Vision

Extraordinary individual syrup flavours, to excite the senses, tantalise taste buds, for delightful pure drinking pleasure. 

Our Values

Integrity – Our actions demonstrate doing the right thing and following through on our promises by delivering what we say.

Quality – Our reputation depends on consistency and premium quality in our products and services at all times.  If we get it wrong, we will apologise, fix it fast, no questions asked.

Resilience – We see things through to the end, learn from our experiences, are prepared to challenge any notion of a status quo and openly embrace continuous change.

Daring – We enjoy pushing boundaries, taking measured risks and welcome feedback from all stakeholders to be the best we can be.

Innovative – There is no place for can’t, we only accept How? Being different is who we are and what we stand for. We are searching for new ideas that have not even been thought of.

Passionate – We believe in what we do and will stand for what matters for the common good of each other and humanity as a whole.  We only source our manufactured goods materials including Coffee, Chilli and other supplies from global suppliers who practice ethical and fair -trade practices, with a people first mandate. We exist to serve our customers without compromise by delivering quality, value and remarkable service always.

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